Menus for tourist groups – 2019 season

The founding of the ‘U Medvídků’ restaurant can be dated to 1466. This former brewery, which was also the location of the first Prague cabaret, was converted in the last century into one of the largest pubs in Prague. The restaurant is visited by both Prague natives and tourists, in particular because of its typical Czech cuisine, excellent Budweiser Budvar and period interior. The restaurant’s location in the historic city centre allows you to marry a visit to our pub with a tour of the Old Town or a visit to one of the nearby theatres (the National Theatre, Laterna-magica, the Black Theatre).

In April 2005, we reopened the ‘House of Beer’. In the historic ‘U Medvídků’ former malthouse, a historic minibrewery and beer and beer souvenir store came into being. A multi-functional hall is located in the building’s gothic roofspace, which serves as a cabaret theatre stage, a location for concerts, incentive events, seminars etc.

monday – saturday from 11.00 to 23.00 O´Clock
sunday from 11.30 to 22.00 O´Clock

Pub – 290 places
Dividing up the room allows up to 250 people to eat at once or a number of smaller groups separated from each other.

Beer garden – 50 places
Retractable canvas roofing, heated with portable gas heaters.

Cabaret – 100 places
Room in late-Gothic roofspace with a capacity of 100 seated at tables, 150 places for training, 200 places for buffets.

Budvar Bar – 40 places
Original interior, a selection of more than 10 types of Czech beer..

Brewery – 50 places
In the brewery you are able to view brewing technology which is no longer used today such as stock cooling, open fermentation tanks, wooden lager barrels and manual racking into bottles with patented caps.

Lounge – 30 places
Suitable for private events (graduation celebrations, seminars, college-leavers)


1. 1. QUICK LUNCH MENU – 290,- CZK

(The lunch menu is only available until 4pm.)

A / Typical national

  • Garlic soup with fried bread
  • Brewery goulash, bread and bacon dumplings
  • Karlštejn mini pastries

B / For clients who do not prefer Czech cuisine

  • Chicken broth with home-made noodles
  • Pheasant-style chicken, potatoes, rice, side salad
  • Home-made gingerbread with whipped cream



  • Spicy sausage rolls

A choice of the following main courses:

  • Larded roast beef in cream sauce, bread dumplings, cranberries
  • Roast pork, potato dumplings, white cabbage
  • Roast beef with bacon, rose-hip sauce, potato croquettes
  • Fried cheese, chips, tartar sauce


  • Apple strudel with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream

1 x drink:

  • /0.5 l beer or 0.1 l wine or 0.3l soft drink /



A / Typical national

  • Prague ham on the bone with horseradish, mustard and gherkin
  • Beef broth with dumplings
  • Joint of venision with garlic, potato pancakes, spinach leaves
  • Home-made poppy-seed cake with plums

B / For clients who do not prefer Czech cuisine

  • Pâté with bacon and cranberries
  • Onion soup with cheese croutons
  • Filled duck roll, roast potatoes with rosemary
  • Sachertorte with whipped cream

Should none of our menus be suitable, we would be happy to draw up a menu in accordance with your requirements. Every 21st person free of charge

On request we can provide an accordionist or traditional group. We recommend our ‘Traditional Evening’, which has been our most visited event over the last 5 years. Your guests are able to taste traditional Czech cuisine and drink unlimited amounts of beer in the traditional atmosphere of one of the oldest and largest pubs in Prague. The Traditional Evening can be ordered every day from 7pm to 10.30pm for groups of over 20 people. 

4. TRADITIONAL EVENING – program feature folk bands – 750,- CZK

Unlimited consumption (3 hours) of soft drinks, beer “Budvar” and wine.

The Tradition menu without drinks is 420 CZK. You can order a limited number of drinks /1 – 4/. Guests receive a postcard of the restaurant with coupons for the agreed number of drinks. The price for 1 drink (0.5l beer or 0.1l wine or 0.3l soft drink) is 45,- CZK.

A / Typical national

  • MEAD liqueur
  • Selection of traditional starters/ home-made tlačenka (white pudding), beer cheese spread, Prague ham, pickled vegetables /
  • „Bašta’ – roast pork, smoked neck, potato and bread dumplings, red and white sauerkraut
  • Home-made blueberry cake with crumble
  • Pretzels

B / For clients who do not prefer Czech cuisine

  • MEAD liqueur
  • Selection of traditional starters/ home-made tlačenka (white pudding), beer cheese spread, Prague ham, pickled vegetables /
  • Pork neck in dark beer, mashed potatoes
  • Home-made blueberry cake with crumble
  • Pretzels

Xbeer - 33


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